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Science Has Recently Uncovered An Amazing "Million-Dollar" Solution That Will Allow You To Achieve Your Life-Long Goals with less effort and more Confidence

Created by John Assaraf, the New York Times best-selling author of Having It All and featured in The Secret and The Answer, this life-changing program will finally reveal a remarkable new, life-altering “Success” blueprint for your own personal success. John will teach you:

  • How to finally achieve all the success you want using a proven scientific process – not gimmicks or blind luck.
  • Why the majority of your past failures may not be your fault!
  • How to reset your “financial expectancy point” … a recent scientific discovery that uncovers what’s actually holding you back for your true potential.
  • How to double – and possibly triple – your income within the next 12 months.
  • How to access your “Internal Google Search Engine” to help you find what you need to succeed faster.
  • How to use the latest advances in Neuroscience to retrain your brain for higher levels of happiness and success.
  • Learn to harness the stunning power of “Unconscious Competence”… And how to Program Your Mind to automatically execute wealth-health and relationship attracting actions while performing at your highest level of GENIUS – with no conscious effort at all!

John Assaraf, the New York Times best-selling author of Having It All will teach you how to harness the stunning power of “Unconscious Competence”… And how to program your mind to automatically execute wealth-attracting actions while performing at your highest level of GENIUS – with no conscious effort at all!

STOP Waiting and Wishing For Luck To Come Your Way. IT WON’T! Entrust Your Success to a Proven and Tested Scientific Approach

If you’re like most people, you grew up with certain expectations as to where you would be right now at this point in your life.

You may have envisioned yourself…

  • Enjoying and entertaining in a bigger home
  • Driving your dream car
  • Enjoying exotic vacations with your family
  • Giving the money and time you want to the charities of your choice.
  • Sending your kids to the schools of YOUR choice.

So what is your specific Action Plan for achieving all of this? Why isn’t it happening already?

Most people have NO plan – or if they do, they quickly find themselves stuck and fail to take appropriate action. Sound familiar? You’re capable of envisioning your success – but you lack the solid how-to’s that can transform your plans into reality.

Well, I have the answer and I want to share it with you IF you're willing to take action Now

I Can Teach You To Program Your Mind So You consciously and UNCONSCIOUSLY Attract Wealth, Success, Fortune, And Happiness Into Your Life… Even If Nothing Has Worked For You In The Past.

Setting Your Goals – And Achieving Your Goals… There’s A Million Dollar Difference Between The two

Let me begin by telling you a little about my story.

I was once exactly like you… overflowing with lots of big dreams and plenty of healthy ambition… with NO idea under the sun how to make those dreams a reality.

Fortunately, I had a mentor who taught me on the absolute importance of setting written goals the right way and how to reprogram my subconscious mind for success. Thanks to this wonderful individual, I became an outstanding goal-setter.

But then something very interesting happened.

I didn’t just keep writing my goals down.

I started creating an action plan for achieving them – a “roadmap” so to speak. I learned the science of changing what I believed I deserved and how to change from the inside out so that I would start to think, feel and behave in ways I never did before.. with regard to money, health, relationships – and everything else in my life.

I didn’t know it then however, I was learning and applying the “Neuroscience” of Success.

This revolutionary new daily system not only taught me how my brain actually worked – but how I could easily reprogram it for automated success. And shortly after learning this life-changing process,

I went from living in this 2 bedroom apartment:

To this estate on six acres

Although I was obviously very proud of my accomplishments, I noticed something very disturbing.

My levels of success were much higher than everyone else’s – even though I knew they had also written down all of their goals too. These were very smart, well-educated people just like you… and yet they seldom – if ever – achieved their goals.

That’s when I asked myself:

“What Did I Do That Was So Different
From Everyone Else?”

This question became my focus and passion for the next 8 years. I was completely intrigued with this. In fact, I spent the next several years studying, analyzing – and learning from the best researchers and neuroscientists around the world.

I finally discovered what I believe is the answer to that question. That’s when I created my “Having it All” program so I can teach you how to use what I discovered to help you finally reach your life’s goals and objectives as well. Believe it or not – it’s very simple to do when you make the right decisions in the right order.

So simple, in fact, that anyone – that’s right, anyone – can use it to achieve the type of success I’ve experienced. You just have to be willing to learn and apply what I will teach you in this program.

I call it the...

The Having It All Program

* This product and training is made available within a membership portal and as digital download. No physical products will be shipped.

And it’s a revolutionary new approach – based on the Neuroscience of Success that will help you finally get everything you’ve ever wanted out of your business, your life – and yourself. It produces results by helping you:

  • Identify your true goals
  • Retrain the very way you think and perceive what’s possible
  • Remove all your doubts, fears and lack of confidence and certainty
  • Abolish your feelings of not being good enough or smart enough
  • Banish all feelings of not being worthy
  • Achieve every one of your life’s goals – even if you feel you are too young, too old – or don’t deserve it.
  • And finally make all those dreams you’ve been envisioning come true.

This is NOT “hocus-pocus.” It’s grounded in the very latest scientific research into the human mind using brain scanning technology. And for those who have already used it, their results are nothing short of phenomenal.

This is a program that has already helped thousands of people just like you to overcome their fears, past failures and self-defeating and destructive behavioral patterns – and freeing them so they can finally realize their dreams – and live the life they’ve always wanted.

“The Having It All program has literally changed my life. By simply applying what I learned, I have started a new business that I wanted to do for over 10 years, but never found the way to make it happen. Not only have I started the business but it has also taken off in directions I never dreamed possible.

Also, this year I went from not working out at all to being in the best physical shape of my life, successfully beating the personal bests I achieved when I was 25 years old. Not bad considering the fact that at 25, I was a professional basketball player in the NBA and my whole livelihood depended on my physical conditioning.

The greatest gift though, has been the sense of control and mastery I feel over my life, and the incredible expectations I have for the future because of what I learned through this program.”

- Jeff Lamp, Los Angeles Lakers

Based On Scientific Research - Not Luck

This is information we have just recently discovered in the past 5 years in the areas of quantum physics, neuroscientific research, and goal-achieving methodologies. It has rewritten the book on brain science and changed everything we thought we knew about the way the brain works.

This program is designed to teach you a very simple, step-by-step process to help you actually apply this revolutionary information to your own situation, resulting in a faster, easier – and far more effective way for you to achieve maximum success.

In practically no time, you’ll be able to:

  • Capitalize On A Hidden Untapped Power That Only A Special Few Know Anything About
  • Unchain Yourself From Your Old, Destructive Behaviors – And Rid Yourself Forever From The Disappointing Results They Produced
  • Learn The “Million-Dollar Difference” Between Setting A Goal – And Actually Achieving A Goal
  • Finally Understand What You Truly Want From Life – And How To Get It

"Since I started the program some months ago I have paid off my $30,000 student loan 'in full', bought a new car, and gone from no income to earning over $4,000 this month..."

I am about to start the 'having it all' program all over again and here is why!!!! Since I started the program some months ago I have paid off my $30,000 student loan 'in full', bought a new car, and gone from no income to earning over $4,000 this month. I am also completely off my antidepressant medication - first time in 20 years. Now that is huge, isn't it? I want more!!!!! I want my life back again and I want to live the life I long for.......... So I am starting the program all over again with fresh eyes and ears. I am ready for the next stage of my life.

- Ann Higgs, Pegasus Town, New Zealand

Did You Know You're Already a Genius?

I will Show You How To Find and Use Your Own Genius To Change Your Life — And Your Results — Forever

The recent breakthroughs in neurological research have discovered something amazing. You, my friend, are a genius. And it’s time to let that genius shine.

Now – if we could only learn to capitalize on that truth, just imagine the possibilities it would unleash in our lives.

This research has shown that your thoughts not only matter, they actually create matter. The key here is to learn how to focus. My program will show you how to stay laser focused on the goals you want to achieve and how to properly plan for their achievement. Scientists have recently learned that when you have a thought, that thought wave causes a reaction at the atomic scale. When you learn to control your “success deserving” thoughts and take consistent action. You will start to work with the way the universe works. Literally out of nothing… out of expressing a possibility… your thought creates matter.

Isn’t that bizarre? Actually, it’s not. It only seems bizarre because it’s new. That one discovery unlocked several previously unexplained mysteries.

Did You Know That You Don't Actually "See" with Your Eyes?

Have you ever noticed that every time you learn something new, it feels uncomfortable? For some reason it doesn’t seem real. And yet, your thoughts are actually creating things.

As a matter of fact, you’re not seeing what you think you’re seeing. You’re seeing what you’re conditioned to see. It’s actually your brain that “sees”. But only WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO SEE! Nothing less, nothing more.

I’m going to teach you how to unlock your own internal and VERY powerful visualization “software” that’s already deep within your subconscious mind. Once you use this “software,” you’ll be amazed how easy it is to “see” and attract what you truly want in your life.

Then you’re going to learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind. Once you learn how to see it on the screen of your mind – you’ll begin to start seeing it in every aspect of your life.

You're Going to Learn How to Tap Into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Most people spend their time trying to control their conscious mind. They incorrectly assume that’s the key to success.

But the key is really in the subconscious mind. Although we do “choose” with the conscious portion of our minds – it is the subconscious portion that actually transforms these choices into reality.

That’s because our conscious mind represents only about 17% of our brain’s mass and only 2-4% of our actual thoughts and behaviors. Recently confirmed by neurological research, the far larger – and far, far more powerful portion of our brain – actually resides in the subconscious. This part of you controls up to 98% of all your thoughts, feelings and actions!

What makes relying on your conscious mind even worse is that it is extremely volatile. It judges. It thinks abstractly. It has limited processing ability. That’s why we only remember telephone numbers that are seven to nine characters long… or we can only remember one to three events at a time.

And while your conscious mind is the part of your brain that helps you set your goals – it’s actually the NOT part of your brain that’s responsible for your daily habits and actions.

The reason people have the results they have is because of the limiting beliefs, perceptions, behaviors and habits. My methods help turbo-charge their brains so that their success is inevitable. Changing their current patterns into highly successful habits thoughts and actions.

“... Wrote down my goals for this year and have already achieved two of them…”

Have been doing the Having it All programme and wrote down my goals for this year and have already achieved two of them - net worth of two million and cash flow of $100,000.

- Jan Berry

I'll Give You A Process To Change Your Limited Subconscious Programming From The Results You're Currently Getting — To The Results You Really Want

Once I’ve taught you how to unlock the power of your unconscious mind – I’ll reveal the secret that will teach you how to turn it into a powerful, automatic, constantly running “success engine” that will open your eyes to all of the opportunities that lie before you – no matter where you are or who you’re with.

Most important of all, you’ll learn how to condition your mind to expect success in everything you do, no matter if your life’s dreams involve business, wealth acquisition, romance, sports or any other area you desire. Your very actions will be pre-programmed to attract success – and obtain it whenever you wish.

Once you’ve mastered these revolutionary techniques, you’ll be unstoppable.

I'm Going To Teach You How To "Reset" Your "Expectancy Point" — And Prevent It From Ever Again Holding You Back

One of the most fascinating discoveries in my research is that over time, deep within our brains, we develop our own personal “expectancy point.” This is a point where we “expect” to be – in our income levels, health and the amount we weigh as well as our relationships success.

The problem with expectancy points is that they keep us stuck at that specific level – and never allow us to grow past that point. In fact, our expectancy points work automatically to maintain our current level so that you don’t have to think about the day-to-day thoughts and behaviors required to maintain it. Anytime you deviate from what your brain deems “normal,” you unconsciously revert back to your old ways. This works just like a thermostat does to keep a room at the programmed temperature.

For example, if you currently earn $50,000, $100,000, or even $500,000 a year, your brain’s “software” will do everything in its power to make sure you don’t make one penny more – no matter how smart you are or how hard you try. This part of your brain will force you to sabotage your success when you’re doing well just to keep you at this point – causing you to have doubts, fears, and often anxiety.

It’s the same powerful part of your brain that keeps your heart beating automatically and digests your food effortlessly, not to mention sustains your life.

Have you ever experienced knowing that you should be doing something that will help you move closer to your goal, but you don’t take any action? That’s your expectancy point being triggered in your brain that’s preventing you from taking action. Instead, you “rationalize” that you’ll do it later… or that you’re simply too tired right now or to busy. You know what I mean.

This part of your brain constantly comes up with multiple excuses… and works to sabotage all of your business or life-goals and dreams. It literally takes a nano-second to break the promises and plans you’ve made when this part of the brain is not conditioned properly and is working against you.

Stop Blaming Yourself - It's Not Your Fault!

One of the most important concepts “Having It All” teaches you is how to free yourself from all of your past failures, negative thinking and beliefs- and set yourself on the path to success from that point forward. You’ll quickly learn that many of your past failures weren’t your fault. You will forever release the negative emotions of your past failures and false starts.

You see – all your life, you’ve been guided by your own, predetermined genetic programming. And from the time you could walk, this programming has been reinforced by everyone you’ve encountered – whether it was your parents, your teachers – or even your friends. Unfortunately, what they’ve been telling you is that you’re not good enough, or smart enough – or deserving enough – to achieve real success.

In fact, in the past 8 years alone, we’ve learned so much about our brains that literally 80 – to 90% of what we thought we knew before is now obsolete. Since there’s no way you – or anyone else – could have known that – it’s no wonder you may have been disappointed or unhappy about not achieving your goals and life dreams year after year.

These new advanced brain-research methodologies and technologies help form the backbone of the “Having It All” program. We’ve spent years unlocking the mysteries… and we now know that when the brain holds us back, it actually thinks it’s doing its job – even though it’s not what you want.

All of the negative self-talk is not our natural state of being. However, during the course of our lives, we become conditioned to have negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

World renowned brain researcher Dr. Daniel Amen even came up with a name for the process. He called it “ANTS” – which is an acronym for “Automatic Negative Thoughts.” Because of what he and other researchers have learned, we now understand why setting goals or making New Year’s resolutions doesn’t work. It is because while our conscious mind is responsible for setting goals, our unconscious mind is the part that helps us achieve them.

To achieve real, long-lasting breakthroughs in both your life and your business, it is not just important that you understand what is happening in your unconscious mind – but that you take the necessary steps to reprogram it.

And that is exactly what I will help you do.

I'll Give You A Process To Change Your Limited Unconscious Programming From The Results You're Currently Getting — To The Results You Really Want

The Having It All program will teach you how to break all your negative habits of thought, perceptions, and behaviors. Once you’ve learned how to learn how to set your goals properly, you’ll need to make just a 7- to 15-minute commitment a day to make each and every one of your new goals a success.

A simple 7- to 15-minute daily commitment is one of the underlying fundamentals of the program – and one of the most important. This small commitment will retrain your brain – and may well prove to be the single most rewarding exercise you will ever do.

We’ll even give you a neural reconditioning CD just to help ensure the process is foolproof.

This aspect of the program is critical – as it helps you work on the unconscious portion of your brain. This is the specific part of your brain that requires reconditioning… since it’s responsible for 96 – 98 percent of all your thoughts and behaviors.

For the most part, you’re completely unaware how this vital area of your brain is impacting your daily life.

Fortunately, our program teaches you how to “reprogram” this “control center.” Aren’t you willing to make such a small daily commitment in exchange for a whole new life of joy and success?

“...came with a 50k raise and additional bonuses!”

I started the having it all program I think back in January or February. Last week I was offered a VP position at a much larger firm in NYC that came with a 50k raise and additional bonuses. I accepted the job and I will start there in early January. I don't think that this is a mere coincidence. I put it out there and the universe responded. My eyes were open to see what I may have never pursued. Thank you John and the NeuroGym family.

- Eric G., North Arlington, NJ

Why Are You Suffering Through A Lifetime of Frustration — When Everything You Want in Life And Business Can Be Yours In Just 7 Minutes Each Day?

Seriously – What besides YOU is holding you back?

If you can really achieve everything you want – an extraordinary lifestyle, a wonderful and loving family life, the wealth and prestige you know you deserve and have always wanted – THEN WHY WOULD YOU NOT TAKE ACTION?

“Having It All” was created for you.

It’s just waiting for you to own it, understand its message and, put it to use in your life – and finally turn your dreams into your realities. Would you invest a single day’s pay for something that will change your life forever?

You already know that what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked out.

Don’t let that stop you from achieving the life of your dreams. I just want you to ask yourself – why wouldn’t you do it?

Now There's A Scientific Process That Will Produce All the Joy — Happiness, Health, And Wealth You Truly Desire

Here’s just some of the secrets you’ll be learning:

  • How to get crystal clear about what you really want in life and business… and then create a bulletproof plan for achieving it
  • How you can acquire all you really want, need and deserve – romance, wealth, success, health – without limits!
  • How to connect with the spiritual side of yourself, tapping into your true power
  • How to really live your life on purpose with joy, happiness, and love

If You Can Have It All Why Settle For Less?




The Complete Having It All Program Includes:

Having It All

(Value: $197)

Identify your true innermost goals and create an unshakeable roadmap for achieving them. Discover the natural laws that will make it easier than ever before as you retrain the way you think, act and achieve.

How To Get More Done In Less Time

(Value: $197)

Learn how to be 3-5 times more productive in less than two weeks by focusing on your high impact activities and high revenue generating activities instead of the trivial many things that eat away your time and energy.

Values Based Living

(Value: $197)

Learn how make your daily decisions and align all your actions with your highest, most important values so you can live on purpose and with the most meaning as possible. You will be the happiest and most focused you have ever been.

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“The Most Impactful program I Have Ever Used”

After more than a decade in private practice, this program finally provided the 'missing link' for me to effect much faster change in my patients-and myself! It was like I had been driving around in a Pinto and John gave me a Lamborghini.

I have attended other workshops, and... I honestly believe that John's workshop will be the singularly most impactful one I have or will ever attend.

- Louis B. Cady MD - Child and Adult Forensic Psychiatrist, speaker, writer and consultant

“Made more in one month than in a whole year!”

John Assaraf's program is priceless!!! The decision to buy it turned out to be one of the best ones I have made thus far. I have made more in one month than in a whole year! I've already qualified twice for two different sales contests and was #1 in one of the categories.

- Aniko Fekete Account Executive - Colonial Supplemental Insurance

John Assaraf is a serial entrepreneur who has grown 5 multimillion-dollar companies, written 2 New York Times bestsellers and is the CEO of NeuroGym, a research and development company that creates some of the most powerful evidence-based brain retraining tools and programs in the world.

30 Days – 100% Money Back Guarantee

We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. Your risk is ZERO. You will get an entire 60 days to experience this life-altering system. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just let us know. We’ll give you all your money back, no hassle.